Voices of Democracy is an NEH Sponsored Project (2005-2009), Teaching and Learning Resources and Curriculum Development-Materials Development Grant.




The Voices of Democracy project is designed to promote the study of great speeches and public debates. The emphasis of the project is on the actual words of those who, throughout American history, have defined the country's guiding principles, debated the great social and political controversies of the nation's history, and shaped the identity and character of the American people. In the process of reinvigorating the humanistic study of U.S. oratory, the Voices of Democracy project aims to foster understanding of the nation's principles and history and to promote civic engagement among humanities students, teachers, and scholars.


Units coming soon on Voices of Democracy:

  • Eugene Debs, "Canton, Ohio Speech" (1918)—by James Darsey
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, "Renunciation Speech" (1968)—by David Zarefsky
  • John Lewis, "Speech from The March on Washington" (1963)—by Garth Pauley
  • Abraham Lincoln, "House Divided Speech" (1858)—by David Zarefsky
  • Harvey Milk, "The Hope Speech" (1978)—by Charles E. Morris III & Jason Edward Black

Voices of Democracy:

The Journal

The inaugural issue of Voices of Democracy, edited by Shawn J. Parry-Giles and J. Michael Hogan, features essays on the oratory of Maria Stewart, Woodrow Wilson, Frances Harper and Bill Clinton, among others.

To learn more about the VOD Journal, its editorial policy, submission guidelines, and the editorial board, click here.