Deliberative Topics

Citizenship & Civic Identity   |  Civil Rights  |  Freedom of Speech  |  Religion & Morality in Public Life  |

Social & Economic Justice  |  U.S. Internationalism  |  War & Peace

  Citizenship & Civic Identity  


Lyndon B. Johnson

"Let Us Continue"

27 November 1963

Lyndon B. Johnson
"We Shall Overcome"

15 March 1965

Eleanor Roosevelt
"Address by Mrs. Franklin D.

Roosevelt, The Chicago Civil

Liberties Committee"

4 March 1950

Franklin D. Roosevelt
1941 State of the Union Address

"The Four Freedoms"

6 January 1941

Woman Suffrage

Susan B. Anthony
"Is it a Crime for a U.S.

Citizen to Vote"

3 April 1873

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
"Address on Women's Rights"

September 1848

Mabel Vernon
"The Picketing Campaign

Nears Victory"

7 December 1917


Civil Rights


William Apess

"Eulogy on King Philip"

26 January 1836

Stokely Carmichael

"Black Power"

29 October 1966

Shirley Chisholm

"For the Equal Rights Amendment"

10 August 1970

William J. Clinton

"Racism in the United States"

16 October 1995



Louis Farrakhan

"Million Man March"

16 October 1995

Frances Watkins Harper

"Woman's Political Future"

20 May 1893

Gloria Steinem

"Testimony Before Senate Hearings

on the Equal Rights Amendment"

6 May 1970

Maria W. Miller Stewart

"Lecture Delivered at Franklin Hall"

21 September 1832


Ida B. Wells

"Lynch Law in All Its Phases"

13 February 1893


Freedom of Speech

George H.W. Bush

"Speech at Penn State University"

23 September 1992


Religion & Morality in Public Life


Dorothy Day

"Union Square Speech"

6 November 1965

Jonathan Edwards

"Sinners in the Hands of an

Angry God"

8 July 1741

Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Religion and Race"

14 January 1963

James McGreevey

"State House Confession"

12 August 2004




Kicking Bear

"Address at the Council Meeting

of the Hunkpapa Sioux, Great

Sioux Reservation"

9 October 1890


Social & Economic Justice


Bill Gates

"Keynote Address to the Creating

Digital Dividends Conference"

18 October 2000

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones

"Speech at a Public Meeting on

the Steps of the State Capitol,

Charleston, West Virginia"

15 August 1912

James Danforth Quayle, III

"Murphy Brown Speech"

19 May 1992

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"Our Girls"

Winter 1880




Gloria Steinem

"Living the Revolution"

31 May 1970


U.S. Internationalism


Albert Beveridge

"March of the Flag"

16 September 1898

George H.W. Bush

"A Whole Europe, A Free Europe"

31 May 1989

George W. Bush

"Second Inaugural Address"

20 January 2005

George W. Bush

"Graduation Speech at West Point"

1 June 2002



Helen Caldicott

"Stop the Nuclear Madness"

17 April 1986

Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Atoms for Peace"

8 December 1953

John F. Kennedy

"Inaugural Address"

20 January 1961

Ronald Reagan

"Address to the National

Association of Evangelicals"

("The Evil Empire")

8 March 1983



Theodore Roosevelt

"The Strenuous Life"

10 April 1899/1901

Harry S. Truman

"Special Message to the Congress

on Greece and Turkey: The Truman


12 March 1947

Woodrow Wilson

"The Pueblo Speech"

25 September 1919


War & Peace
The Civil War


Edward Everett

"Gettysburg Address"

19 November 1863

Abraham Lincoln

"Gettysburg Address"

19 November 1863

Cold War


J. Edgar Hoover

"Speech Before the House

Committee on Un-American


26 March 1947

Adlai E. Stevenson

"'A New America': Acceptance

Address at the Democratic

National Convention"

17 August 1956

The Vietnam War


Paul Potter

"The Incredible War"

17 April 1965

John F. Kerry

"Statement Before the Senate

Committee on Foreign Relations,

Vietnam Veterans Against the War"

22 April 1971

The War on Terrorism



George W. Bush

"An Address to a Joint Session

of Congress and the American


20 September 2001