Problems with Video/Audio


VOD video and audio are loaded to the VOD Web site using Windows Media Player.

If the video or audio is not loading there are some steps you can take:

1)  Try another browser. The videos and audios work best with Internet Explorer.

2)  If you are using Firefox as your browser, you can right click on the video box while it is streaming and you will see a Play/Pause option. Click on that option to begin playing the video.

3)  You may want to download Windows Media Player:         

4)  In some browsers, when the page loads and the media begins to stream, the browser will indicate that a plug-in is required and the ActiveX Control needs to run in order to view the video or hear the audio (this usually appears as a narrow yellow stripe across the top of the Web site beneath the toolbar). Follow the browser’s instructions for activating the ActiveX Control.

5)  Mac/Apple users: You can play .wmv and .wma files in Quicktime using the Flip4Mac Windows Media components. Here’s the link for the download: Flip4Mac. Here’s Apple’s link: Apple.

6)  In virtually all browsers, you can “Full Screen” the video by right-clicking on the video, clicking on the Zoom option, then Full Screen.