25 September 2005


The Educational Video Group

291 Southwind Way

Greenwood, Indiana 46142


I am writing to request permission to republish the following material:


Reference: Colin Powell, "I Am a Republican," Great Speeches Volume XII [video-recording]/executive producer, Robert Cook. Greenwood, IN: Educational Video Group, 1997.


Location in your publication: Second of six speeches by five speakers.


Other identifying information and remarks: 24 minutes


This material is to appear as originally published (any changes or deletions are noted on the reverse side of this letter) in the following work that Voices of Democracy: The U.S. Oratory Project is presently preparing for publication:


Author/Title/Electronic Serial: Robert Gaines, "Colin Powell's 'Why I am a Republican,'" Voices of Democracy.


Proposed date of publication: 2008


Remarks: Voices of Democracy is a non-profit, electronic serial publication that promotes the scholarly study of great speeches and public debates in the United States. More information is available at http://www.voicesofdemocracy.com .


We request nonexclusive world rights, as part of our electronic serial volume only, for all editions.


If you are the copyright holder, may I have your permission to reproduce the above material in our serial volume? If you do not indicate otherwise, we shall use the usual scholarly form of acknowledgment, including publisher, author, title, etc.


If you are not the copyright holder, or if additional permission is needed for world rights from another source, please indicate so.


Thank you for your consideration of this request.


Sincerely yours,




Robert N. Gaines

Associate Professor (Rhetoric and Political Culture)


The above request is hereby approved on the conditions specified below, and on the understanding that full credit will be given to the source.


Date: ________________________Approved by: ______________________________________________